What should the scope of an accessibility audit include?

Accessibility may get applied to a wide range of digital assets and user interfaces. Most people think of digital assets as something like a web page or a website, and they also include documents, video, music, desktop software, and native mobile applications. Hardware can also be made accessible.

Finally, if it’s digital, accessibility can get checked. Because it is open, customer-facing, and public-facing, the web is a typical starting point for accessibility. Websites frequently incorporate your company’s primary surfaces and functions. The scope of web accessibility audits should cover the types of interfaces that an accessibility partner will evaluate.

Furthermore, the scope of the web accessibility audits should indicate the browser and assistive technologies you want to test. Never test every possible assistive technology on every browser type. Focusing your test on a Windows PC with the NVDA screen reader and Chrome is a typical wise choice for getting the most bang for your cash. A good accessibility partner should be willing and able to test with any OS, assistive technology, and browser combination you can think. However, examine the cost and return on investment that is most appropriate for your scenario.

Finally, you must choose which sites and screens to test. If this is your first audit, you may feel compelled to trial every page and screen to gain a complete picture of where your company stands. Your site’s major entrance points, core routes, the best traffic pages, and most crucial user flows, on the other hand, are the best ROI and wisest items to test for in your initial audit. Knowing whether you have major accessibility issues in your core content/functionality and correcting them will considerably improve your site’s usability for disabled people.

Which Accessibility Standards are appropriate for your situation?

It’s critical to determine what standard you’ll be testing against before you start an accessibility audit. The accessibility audit’s goal will be to define your testing standards. If your company is selling to a vertical market, that vertical market may require you to meet a certain degree of compliance with an existing standard.