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Nguyen Van Duong’s Ingenious Methods Of Organizing Undetectable Gambling Activities

Nguyen Van Duong is known as a “mastermind” in the world of scams and fraud. He and his accomplices have organized a gambling network worth billions of Vietnamese dong.

Key Information about Nguyen Van Duong You Should Know

Nguyen Van Duong, 48 years old, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of nguyen van duong rikvip the High-Tech Security Investment Development Company Limited (CNC). The company was established in September 2011 with an initial charter capital of 20 billion dong. Duong’s company is responsible for providing intermediary payment services, including e-wallet services, electronic payment gateway services, and collection and disbursement services, for a period of 10 years.

Prior to this, Duong served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UDIC Investment Joint Stock Company. This company was a member of a joint venture of investors involved in the construction investment project of the expressway from Bac Giang to Lang Son. However, due to insufficient financial capacity, the Ministry of Transport issued a notification terminating the project contract of this joint venture, and Duong’s UDIC company withdrew from the project.

Recently, Nguyen Van Duong has been implicated in a fraud case related to the Rikvip online betting platform. Duong, along with Phan Sao Nam, organized a gambling network worth billions of dong through online betting. As a result, Nguyen Van Duong was ordered to pay civil damages amounting to 1.655 trillion dong. However, the authorities have only managed to recover a meager amount of 315 billion dong so far.

How Nguyen Van Duong Organizes Gambling

During the investigation, authorities determined that Nguyen Van Duong was the mastermind behind the gambling network, which started operating in 2014. Within a short period, this network had spread to 13 provinces and cities nationwide, with 25 agents. The network’s main server was located in Hanoi.

In addition, Nguyen Van Duong also had a server located overseas, allowing both domestic and foreign gamblers to participate in the gambling activities. The number of participants quickly reached millions of registered accounts. This enabled Duong to amass a huge amount of money by deceiving unsuspecting gamblers.

Why Hasn’t Nguyen Van Duong’s Gambling Operation Been Detected for a Long Time?

The Rikvip gambling network had existed for a long time without being dismantled. The Phu Tho Provincial Police discovered signs of involvement of officials in protecting the gambling network.

Investigative materials helped the authorities identify Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who played the role of the C50 Department Director. Hoa had signed a contract related to Duong’s company’s operations.

According to this contract, Phan Sao Nam, the former Chairman of VTC Online’s Board of Directors, would receive 60% of the profits from the gambling network, while Duong would receive 40%. In the contract, Hoa would receive approximately 20% of the profits generated by Duong’s activities.

When arrested, Duong admitted to receiving around 800 billion dong but had not shared the profits with Hoa. Meanwhile, Phan Sao Nam admitted that Hoa had borrowed a sum of money that had not been repaid. Currently, the authorities are continuing the investigation to clarify these details.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the case of the billion-dollar gambling network, what is the status of Nguyen Van Duong’s sentence?

As mentioned above, as of the current moment, Nguyen Van Duong has not yet completed the execution of his sentence and has only served over 6 years in prison. Therefore, he still needs to serve an additional 3 years of imprisonment to fulfill his sentence. Furthermore, Duong also needs to fully repay the remaining amount of money as stated in the indictment from the prosecution to address the consequences.

How much money does Nguyen Van Duong have to repay when arrested?

According to the indictment from the prosecution, in addition to the 10-year prison sentence, Nguyen Van Duong is also required to repay 1.7 trillion dong to address the consequences caused by his actions. However, up to the present time, Duong has not yet fulfilled this requirement.

How did Nguyen Van Duong benefit from the Rikvip case?

In the billion-dollar gambling network, Nguyen Van Duong, along with Phan Sao Nam, is the mastermind behind the Rikvip game company. Therefore, he receives 40% of the daily revenue from this gaming platform.