Exciting Competitions Launched by Slot Game Developers

Casinos have their ways of keeping players in the game. Since we love being competitive when it comes to slots, we are offered some unique opportunities to play against other players in an online arena through exclusive casino competitions and tournaments – play at Slotzo.

These competitions mostly come straight from the slot game developers themselves. They have given us such competitions for all casino games so far. Now, this attraction is getting more popular in the online slot world, where players get innumerable opportunities of interacting with other players and winning massively at the same time.

So far, two slot gambling giants, Microgaming and NetEnt, have been offering slot game competitions for the players. With their demand increasing, other game developers are also putting in efforts of this sort to keep the players engaged with their products. Let’s see how these competitions work and what forms they come in.

What Makes These Competitions Special?

These competitions can be deceptively simple sometimes, but they have so much detail that needs to be dealt with before you can take on the challenge. Some players think of these competitions as something for slot developers themselves, where they compete against the big guns of the casino industry to prove their standing. But that is a misconception, as slot game developers never participate in these events; they only arrange them for the players worldwide.

Each of these competitions is designed to bring together slot players from across the globe and help them prove their gambling skills to the world by taking home huge rewards. Slot game developer competitions have their dynamics slightly different from those found in the regular casino competitions. Since slots are the base of these competitions, the former features a leader board that decides the ranking of the participants. There are no knockout rounds, but the competitive spirits are always high.

Various Competitions Offered by Slot Game Developers 

There are many different opportunities in which these competitions can be offered to the players. However, we can narrow them down in 3 distinct categories:

  •         Buy-In Competitions: For these competitions, you have to pay a fee to participate. These are usually time-restricted, and players have to master their gameplay in one specific slot game. The participant who accumulates the highest number of smaller wins receives the mega prize.
  •         Freeroll Competitions: This category is less popular at the moment because there are no cash wins involved. Mostly, you can participate in these competitions free of cost, but some developers might come up with different sets of rules. As rewards, free spins or other casino comps can be achieved.
  •         VIP Competitions: They are designed for the most expert category of players, who are normally playing with the casinos for years. These competitions work on invitations only. Their exclusivity makes these competitions an elite ground for massive wins.


Now that you know that these competitions exist, it is always good to participate in such events now and then, as they can be potential life-changers for the participants.