Colour Class: How to wear the new Autumn Shades

There’s nothing like fresh new colours to get me excited for autumn (okay, apart from all the cosy knits and outerwear!), so I decided to do a brand-new colour class post. This one is about the key colours for autumn 2016, as presented in Pantone’s seasonal fashion colour report. Scroll down to see which shades you need in your wardrobe right now!

  1. Riverside

Usually autumn colours are warm, which is the reason that this particular blue shade immediately caught my attention. It clearly has a cool tone, which is quite unusual in autumn. Nevertheless, I am a fan! I love a bit of blue in my wardrobe throughout the year. Since this colour is almost a bit greyish, you can easily mix it with other shades. I really like it with Potters Clay (8), as worn in the picture above.

  1. Airy Blue

Another lovely blue shade that feels really fresh and reminds me of a clear, though slightly dewy sky. Pair it with Warm Taupe (5) for a classic look or go for Dusty Cedar and some classy Cutler and Gross Glasses (6) for a bit more colour action.

  1. Sharkskin

Sharkskin is a grey tone that can seamlessly act like the base of all other shades in this scheme. I particularly like it with Dusty Cedar (6), but obviously it would also work with less outspoken colours like Warm Taupe (5) or simply with white (try that with a red lip!).

  1. Aurora Red

No autumn palette without a pretty red, and this year it’s time for Aurora Red to shine. It’s a bright red that has a hint of orange in it. I especially like such red shades mixed with basics like grey or black, but it could also work with Riverside (1) or Warm Taupe (5).

  1. Warm Taupe

Yay, taupe is back! I am a true lover of muted shades at heart, so I was very happy to learn that there will be more taupe this season. I really like this colour mixed with a rosy nude, whites, grey or black. It also works with shades of red or blue.

  1. Dusty Cedar

Who said pink was just for spring or summer? This warm shade is the perfect pink for autumn. Wear it with white for a fresh touch or go the other way and add a bit of Warm Taupe (5) for a cozy autumn look.

  1. Lush Meadow

Just like red, green is always represented in an autumn colour scheme. This season’s green is bright, fresh and kind of botanical. I don’t just like this colour for outfits, I’d also happily add a bit of green to my home (Monstera plant, is that you?!). I’d wear this colour mixed with a darker denim.

  1. Potter’s Clay

My favourite this season! I love this rusty shade of brown/orange. Add it to your wardrobe and it immediately looks autumn ready. As I said earlier, it looks great with Riverside (1), but I also love it with creamy or slightly nude whites.

  1. Bodacious

The most unexpected shade this season by far is Bodacious, which is a bright and rich purple shade with a hint of pink. Fun fact: It’s added by Pantone with the continuing “gender fluidity” in mind, which means that it mixes both sexes. Perfect for a little statement! Wear it with black, grey or go bold and mix with Aurora Red (4).

  1. Spicy Mustard

Not in the scheme above, but nevertheless a colour hit for autumn 2016. Mustard yellow is not new for autumn, but this time it’s bolder than before. It is almost a bit gold-like, which makes it very suitable for accessories and detailing.

Now tell me: What’s your favourite colour this season and how would you wear it?