If you are bird lover, direct and straightforward bird pattern may not satisfy your needs, change a design needs high drawing techniques and time, I can suggest a super simple method to make your bird pattern unique and outstanding.

We are using a simple owl pattern and change it to owl mandala pattern then save it to SVG format for your Cricut project.

We need two files to complete this task, one owl silhouette SVG and one mandala SVG, also, you need some knowledge of adobe AI.

First, we download owl SVG and mandala SVG here.


Then, we open both files with Adobe AI, below are step by step procedures:

  1. Enlarge the mandala pattern to a proper size, around 8 inches by 8 inch
  2. Press CTR 8 to make it become a compound path
  3. Place the owl pattern onto mandala pattern, remember only the outline, change all fills to blank
  4. Adjust the owl pattern a bit smaller than mandala pattern
  5. Select both items, and click pathfinder tools
  6. Click CROP button
  7. The mandala pattern is now cropped to owl shape
  8. Select all objects, and press CTR 8 again to make it become a compound path
  9. Click the file and save as SVG format, remember to choose embed image

Now you have a new, unique and outstanding owl mandala pattern and it is the SVG file format, you can upload it to your Cricut Design Space for any cut projects you want.

Super easy, right? We make use this cropping method to combine two to three pattern into a new design.