A detailed view about the types of towing services available for car in San Jose

Towing is the process of hauling or pulling a vehicle with the help of chain, winch, or any other mechanism that is designed for the transportation by using a tow truck San Jose. The towing service is classified into different types based on the mechanism that is applied during the towing process. It is best for you to know about the different types of towing services it is important to ask for the needed type while contacting the roadside assistance or towing company for towing your car.

The types of car towing services are normal winch towing service, hydraulic towing service, flatbed towing service, and closed container tow trucks.

Operation of normal winch towing service in San Jose

In this service method, a tow truck San Jose has a chain and a hook is required at the chain’s end that is attached to the front of the vehicle that is a breakdown and the front wheel is lifted off the ground. This method is also known as a chain and hook towing services. Here the vehicles are pulled and this is an out-dated method. This type is used while the car is stuck in ditches or any other accident.

Operation of hydraulic towing service and flatbed towing service

In hydraulic towing service, a hydraulic machine that has a metal yolk-line device that lifts the front wheels of the car. This method is also called under lift towing or wheel lock towing. In flatbed towing service, the car is pulled or driven into the available flatbed in the truck and this is the best choice as it provides safe transportation.

Operation of closed container tow trucks

In this service type, your car is transported safely in the closed container of a tow truck in San Jose, and this method is mainly used for transporting cars for long-distances.