3 DIY arrangements to make the best use of dried flowers

During the full swing of the autumn, pastel-hued flowers become out of demand as jewel-tones officially and harvest themes reinstate. Nonetheless, that never implies that you can’t reuse blooms from your preserved bouquets or garden beds. Dried flowers make incredible home decor with the help of a little craftiness and by investing a bit of time. Here are some of the amazing creative DIY ideas for deco dried flowers.


A bouquet of roses is an eternal romantic gesture, and it is certainly a shame to dispose them of when they lose their freshness. All thanks to the creativity, you never have to do this now. One of the most amazing things to do with dried roses is to make miscellany. In addition to the amazing smell, the rose petals also have an amazing vintage appeal when you present them in glass bowls or bottles.

Supplies required to make

  • Rose petals 
  • Rosebuds 
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Rose essential oil
  • Crushed Orris root.

How to make:

  • First of all you should separate all rose petals from the rose stem so that they can dry uniformly. 
  • Then you need to mix a cup of petals, half-cup of rosebuds, and a half cup of lavender into a glass jar. 
  • Crush one or two cinnamon sticks roughly and add to the jar. 
  • Then, you should add nearly two or three drops of rose essential oil and a quarter teaspoon of crushed orris root to the jar and seal it completely. 
  • Remember to keep in a cool and dark place for nearly 6 weeks before displaying.

Floral Candles

Decorated candles are the best ways to give you a romantic experience while you are with your partner. You can easily buy dried flowers online and can customize your candles to give you a mesmerizing experience.

Supplies required to make

  • Candle to decorate
  • Used candle
  • Lighter
  • Metal spoon 
  • Dried flowers 
  • Large jar 
  • Clear wax
  • Parchment paper.

How to make: 

  • At first, light the candle. 
  • Give some heat to the back of the metal spoon.
  • Then, place a flower on the candle and rub the spoon gently over the flower.
  • Repeat till the design convinces you. 
  • Allow the candle to set completely. 
  • Meantime, prepare a surface by using parchment paper.
  • Set the candle down on parchment paper and let it go hard. The wax must form a seal over the dried blooms evenly.

Pressed flower scrapbook

If scrapbooking sounds antiquated to you, it’s time to give it a second thought. Scrapbooks usually provide some lifelong memories and it lives on as embraced heirlooms and, when you display it on a center table in your living room, no one will be able to resist peeping inside. You can easily make your scrapbook perfectly your own by adorning the cover by using dried flowers.

Supplies required to make

  • Basic scrapbook
  • Dried flowers
  • Mod podge
  • Sponge paintbrush.

How to make:

This one is easy to apply, but it generally requires you to wait for a bit longer. 

  • At first, you should arrange your flowers on the front cover. Hence, it allows you to remember the place exactly where you want them. 
  • Once you’re convinced with your design, take a photo with your phone as a precautionary measure so that you never forget the placement mid-way to the completion of the project. 
  • Apply a thin layer of mod podge under every flower and gently press to stick them. 
  • Allow them to dry for nearly 12 hours. 
  • Very next day, you should paint a thin and equal layer of mod podge.
  • Allow them to dry in a well-lit area for nearly 48 hours before you start flaunting them.