Your Opportunities for Getting Fit

Although the term personal trainer may be self-explanatory, there is still some info that may be relevant to include here. Personal training is basically 1-1 training, ie training between a client and a physical trainer. Work with 2 or 3 people e.g. the designation will be more like mini team. Although in principle it is very close to personal training.

Additional Options

In addition, this form of exercise is typically characterized as the most intense. There is full focus on the one person in the training. Therefore, the coach can also manage to push the client more and thereby make the training extra hard. Typically far more than would otherwise be the case with team training. From Ido Fishman you can have the best option now.

  • At the same time, everything can be modified for the individual person, so that all training is tailored specifically. It is very difficult to do on larger teams or in other group contexts.
  • All in all, personal training will most often be the most expensive but also most effective form of training. It really saves a lot of time and effort to get acquainted with exercise and diet. At the same time you have one to really push yourself out there where you might not normally even get into your own training.

Price of a personal trainer – what do you get?

Here it becomes really interesting, because it is actually far from always that price and quality are connected here. It is important to find out exactly what you are paying for . Here are a few different examples:

Name and mention

In training circles, there is often a great connection between success and name / publicity. For example, if a person has written books, been on TV or radio, has many followers on social media or generally gets a lot of publicity.

This can easily mean that this person is also super skilled and professional. However, there is not always a connection.

Therefore, remember to check a little deeper than ‘just’ if the coach has many followers or has been on TV. It is not always an expression of skill and great quality.