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And Rewis, supra, appears to bar prosecution of a Web gambling enterprise’s customers as long as they stay mere clients.108 However, a Web gambling enterprise that constitutes an unlawful gambling enterprise for purposes of section 1955, supra, and is engaged in some form of interstate or foreign industrial activity in furtherance of the enterprise will nearly inevitably have included a Travel Act violation. When the act’s jurisdictional ingredient entails mail or facilities in interstate or international commerce, reasonably than the interstate journey, proof that a phone was used,97 or an ATM,98 or the services of an interstate banking chain99 will suffice.100 The government will not be required to show that the defendant used the services himself or that the use was critical to the success of the criminal venture.

Whether or not a federal criminal statute applies overseas is a matter of Congressional intent.80 The intent is most apparent where Congress has expressly said that a provision shall have extraterritorial software.81 Part 1955 has no such expression of intended overseas software. The business of betting or wagering does not encompass the conventional business actions of financial or communications service suppliers,114 except contributors in an unlawful Web gambling enterprise.115 On the other hand, Congress selected the period “enterprise of betting or wagering” slightly than the period “unlawful gambling business,” discovered in the Unlawful Gambling Enterprise Act.116 This suggests that UIGEA covers companies no matter whether or not they met the threshold necessities of the Illegal Gambling Business Act, that is, (1) five participants and (2) continuous operations for not less than thirty days or gross revenues over $2,000 a day.

The operation of an unlawful gambling enterprise utilizing the Internet might involve violations of the Travel Act, ninety as several writers have famous.91 Like the Illegal Gambling Enterprise Act, ole777 Travel Act convictions lead to imprisonment for not greater than five years and fines of the greater of not more than twice the gain or loss related to the offense or $250,000 ($500,000 for a company). Ninety-two The act may serve as the foundation for a prosecution underneath the cash laundering statutes93 and RICO.94 It has neither the service termination options of the Wire Act nor the forfeiture options of the Unlawful Gambling Enterprise Act. Web webpage at which unlawful bets or wagers may be placed, acquired, or in any other case made, or at which unlawful bets or wagers are provided to be placed, received, or in any other case made.